What my clients say...

Joel Gandara, Coach @31Dailychallenges.com

"Hours got freed up to focus on what I do best."

When I started my coaching business, it was extremely manual, with papers, notes, and lot of Google Sheets. Once I started working with Zee, our whole business got automated and became very efficient. It allowed me to focus on what I do best, and to scale the business to the next level.

Marieke Pijler, founder @premium business

"It's the perfect way to build equity for my business"

Zee saved me a LOT of time by setting up upcoach for me. He also helped me create enrolment training that allows my clients to access what I coach anytime they want, and I no longer need to repeat myself to each client.

Zee made it all easy to use for a non-tech person, and created a knowledge base with all the processes that I can easily follow.

What we’ve built helps me to focus on what’s right in front of me during coaching and to provide extra depth to my clients afterward. 

I’m writing a book this year, and next year I am planning to expand my upcoach courses because it’s the perfect way to build equity for my business: I make it a place where I collect all my best work for clients to find.” – Marieke Pijler


"My business has only grown thanks to Zee"​

Zee has saved us so much time by making the process easier and more automated while improving the client’s experience. He helped us scale our business, and documented everything in a knowledge base that’s easy to follow.

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